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        Law Offices of Sylvia Ho LLC is a boutique business law firm that solves complex legal problems of companies and their owners at every part of the business life cycle. Our services can be delivered through short or long engagements, depending on complexity and budget.  We offer short online legal consultations, company lawyer subscription packages and as well, representation in transactions and litigation .  Click here to book a free short online consultation.
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Her clients say,
"She listens. She’s knowledgeable. She’s responsive. She solves complex problems. She’s a great resource for businesses."
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For the Business Owners

Take a peek at Sylvia Ho Law's collection of thoughts specifically tailored business owners in Hartford county, Connecticut.

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Law Offices of Sylvia Ho 
serving the Hartford area and business owners for over 30 years.

Law Offices of Sylvia Ho is a law practice serving Hartford county including surrounding towns- Farmington, Bristol, Plainville, Avon, Newington, Windsor, and West Hartford.

We are committed to providing closely-held businesses with value-driven, client-focused legal advisory, transaction and litigation services.  We have represented clients in different industries, including manufacturers, construction, distribution, and services businesses, that face a variety legal issues common to their industry.  

Hartford County Attorneys

Sylvia Ho

Matthew J. Patterson

Seth M. Wilson

Julie A. Morgan

16 Spring Lane,

Farmington, Connecticut

(860) 255-7719

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The lawyers and attorneys with Law Offices of Sylvia Ho LLC are committed to serving business owners in the Hartford area, including Hartford, Farmington, Bristol, New Britain, West Hartford, Newington, Avon, Plainville, Windsor, and more in a wide range of legal matters:

  • Business Partnerships/Shareholder Agreements

  • Limited Liability Company Operating Agreements

  • Commercial Lease review and/or negotiation

  • Contract review

  • Purchase/Sale of Business

  • Dissolution & Windup of Business

  • Cease and Desist letters

  • Trade Secrets/Customer Lists protection policies and consultation

  • Employment Contracts

  • Employee theft

  • Nondisclosure Agreements

  • Trademark, Trade Secrets, Unfair Competition litigation.

  • Partnership or Shareholder conflicts

  • Conflicts with competitors

  • Business Litigation

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